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Welcome to Coast to Coast Triathlon.

My promise to my athletes is that ''your best is yet to come." My job as your coach and mentor is to show you the way.

I have committed to following my passion by making a coaching company that is unlike any other. We commit to each other and you get access to me as your coach as much as you need.

I do not count the minutes of engagement, I focus on you as a person and your results.

Focusing on you as a unique individual means that I will consider your athletic experience, personal life schedule, workout availability, and overall health when crafting your training program. I never use template programs for my coached athletes - your training program is customized for you and no one else. This is why my coached athletes have a rich history of racing successes.

One of my strengths is the ability to relate to you as an athlete.

I was once a struggling beginner triathlete. I have also raced for the podium, qualified for Team USA, and completed an IRONMAN. Wherever you are at, I can relate to you.

My coaching program costs $150 per month, and includes many features geared to making you a better athlete. Please learn more by visiting the 1 On 1 Coaching page of my website.

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Thanks for getting me so well prepared! My body held up well in the heat and I was able to run 6 minutes faster than my previous 70.3. I am in the best shape of my life!
— Vanessa Y.